Tuesday, October 27, 2020



You keep on stupidly wanting to say unbelievable. Was the incidence of such events similar pre-Trump? During Obama? Wasn’t there a period of lull betw the KKK and this? Chicago ‘68 an aberration? With all the video capture still continuing with no apparent prospect of let up.

Wednesday, October 21, 2020

Stumbling On Imperialism

Scottie in SOCAL responding to The Progressive fwd on Joe’s flubbing at his town hall meet over American foreign policy. Typing on his iPhone the dude notices the prompt on his device fails when American is put together with IMPERIALIS…. The last word needed to be banged out almost to the last. Hmm. INTER—esting. You would wager in Latin America, the Middle East, Africa, lottsa places in Europe, the North Pole, no such trouble at all. Unless the American disease of ignorance pervaded the manufacture itself.

Publication news: “The Hearth (Montenegro)” and “Jakarta 1440H” - NWW

 Hello all

In Melbourne we are climbing out of the Covid hole again, while in so many quarters new struggles begin. I hope you all are managing.

This recent run with Frederick Barthelme at New World Writing continues, a nice confirmation after all these years of salt mine labour.

A warning: there is a good bit of vulgarity in this first piece, though I trust it will be understood to some purpose.

It is with pleasure that my old Montenegrin voices here have found this platform in the US. Hope you like "The Hearth (MN)." (900 words)

Further too. The recent Frankie homage, "His Way," that had been published at NWW, had originally been part of a trio under the title "Jakarta 1440H." The editors had initially accepted the last of the three and paused for further consideration on the opening two segments. These now have been appended and "JKT" shows whole in that earlier 7 October slot.

Here is that link too, (Now 3.4k words):

All best

Sunday, October 18, 2020


Difficult to rise to the challenge seizing something from the term. Well-practised as you were, alert and eyes peeled, exceedingly difficult. The other evening the kitchen window had presented a near Zen scene—glistening new leaves on the plum a couple of metres distant framed by the worn old architrave. Surprisingly, a good number of the plantings here had taken, testament to the years of chooks and other nutrients in the former vegetable gardens. There had been no rain; the spray of lustre had been carried by the new growth and the unusual last bright shafts of dusk. Up in the village new Spring grasses among the rock nemoze se gledat, (literally) could not be observed, so sharp was the green. This on the other hand was titillation and sweet caress by comparison, the leaves flaring like uncanny flames. (Recently ailing Al in Williamstown had recalled Bab’s remark about everything young being beautiful.) Could the sight be captured by a camera? The porch light was flicked just in case. Highly un-Zen-like running hither and to when the standing form had only been glimpsed briefly. Many afternoons now the lower river and the bay was passed largely unseen; the creek the same for all its pelicans and swans. Continuing publications lifted the spirits hardly at all. There was little will for the messaging of the girls back on the Equator, even the one you were supposed to love who had been resisting all manner of solicitation, engagement ring included (an old roué like you). She will/she won’t/will/won’t. Maybe to escape her “toxic mother,” she had offered at one point with too much information. After one hundred days of lockdown liberalisation was likely next week, an opportunity to see some familiar faces and possibly short café sitting. In recent days the heart core who had passed seemed somehow to have receded further too; an unexpected attenuation coming with age. How much the glancing encounters and interactions always figured. You knew you were going bad when the shop assistants had become valueless too. Possibly strict confinement to the room and back garden might have been preferable to cycling the suburban streets in order to reach the wide open spaces. One saving grace was the lingering chill.

Thursday, October 15, 2020

Publication news: “Johor Bahru Old Town” - Midway Literary Journal


Hello everyone

Again, hoping all of you are hanging tough.

A short piece of mine from earlier this year has just been published in another US journal. "Johor Bahru Old Town" is a pair of flash from one of my regular haunts in Southern Peninsular Malaysia, 1km distant from SG and always refreshing. (900 words.)

Here is a glimpse of JB, —

Cheers & best wishes

Friday, October 9, 2020

Publication news: “The Heirs” & “The Whip Hand” - Ginosko Lit. Journal

 Hello again all

Hoping this finds everyone strong and very well.

Another publication to announce.

An odd pairing this and recently penned the second, just published by a San Francisco lit. journal called Ginosko #25.

“The Heirs” mourns a cousin in Montenegro taken too early, while “The Whip Hand” presents a Buddhist housemate up in Singapore. (Pages 74-78, 2.3k words.)

Here’s the link—

Ginosko Literary Journal

Hope you like them.

Thursday, October 8, 2020

Publication news: ”His Way” - New World Writing

 Hello everyone 

Again, hoping this finds all well.

The acceptance and publication in this case occurred under three hours after submission. Not the usual course. Pleasing too appearing beside Tao Lin (Shoplifting From American Apparel).

Here is a Jakartan flash from mid last year featuring a busker and a plastics re-cycler, 750 words—


Hope you like it.

Cheers & best wishes